Town of
Northern Arm
Newfoundland & Labrador

Public Service Announcement Title

Feb. 21 This section will contain any public service announcement and its details, within this limited area.

Aqua Marine Services

Welding and fabrication services

James Gosse

Ph: 709 257-1199

P.O. Box 2035

A0H 1E0

B&B Forest Products

Sawmill Services

Geoffrey Ball

Ph: (709) 257-3580

P.O. Box 2041

A0H 1E0

Peter's Electrical

Electrical services

Peter Chayter

Ph: (709) 257-2266

P.O. Box 2170

3 Aspen Dr.

A0H 1E0

Best's Trucking

General contractors

Clarence Best

Ph: (709) 257-3229

P.O. Box 2040

A0H 1E0

Ev-Cor Enterprises Ltd.

Woodworking and cabinet shop

Stacey Evans

Ph: (709) 257-3653

P.O. Box 1138

A0H 1E0

Graceland: The King's Pub

Bar serving a variety of beverages

Joy Noseworthy

Ph: (709) 257-3551

P.O. Box 2001

A0H 1E0

Green Valley Farm

Sod farm, Hydroseed, lawn care and fresh produce

Troy & Deana Humber

Ph: (709) 257-4881

P.O. Box 2009

Northern Arm Brook Resource Road

Ivany's Sawmill

Sawmill Services

Roy Ivany

Ph: (709) 257-3761

P.O. Box 2004

A0H 1E0

Roxanne's Variety

Convenience store and dairy bar

Roxanne Peckford

Ph: (709) 257-3878

P.O. Box 49

Point of Bay, NL

A0H 2A0

Vineham's Sawmill

Sawmill Services

Stanley Vineham

Ph: (709) 257-3126

P.O. Box 2050

A0H 1E0

4-D Family Dining

Resturant & Take-out

Dwight & Dana Bignell

Ph: (709) 257-2243

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