Town of
Northern Arm
Newfoundland & Labrador

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A Proud War Record

During times of world crisis, Northern Arm was/is typical of many Newfoundland settlements in reacting to such crises. This was very evident during both World War 1 and 2. Our records show that 22 enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces in WWI, and 28 enlisted in WWII.

Those who enlisted in WWI include: Arch Ball, Ben Ball, Ford Ball, Ward Ball, William Ball, Nelson Evans, Alfred Humphries, Caleb Langdon, Dwight Langdon, Jack Langdon, Ken Langdon, Moses Langdon, William Curlew, Thomas Langdon, Alfred Manuel, Arch Manuel, Jack Manuel, Wesley Manuel, Arch Sheppard, Dorman Ball, George Ball, and Andrew Ball.

Those who enlisted in WWII include: Wallace Manuel, Eli Mercer, Bert Humphries, Harold Langdon, Manson Ball, Harry Manuel, Wilson Porter, Arch Ball, Ernest Langdon, Edward Langdon, Oscar Langdon, Robert Langdon, Gordon Roberts, Noah Perry, George Porter, Warren Elliott, Allan Elliott, Len Elliott, Gordon Elliott, William Elliott, Russell Mercer, Reg Ball, Mark Curlew, Fred Curlew, Moses Humphries, Nelson Dowland, Hazel Langdon, and Dwight Langdon. Also, there were two residents of Northern Arm that served in the Korean conflict. They were Channon Manuel and Lewis Langdon. To the best of our knowledge, all of the above people were residents of Northern Arm.

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